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At Triangle Esports Academy we use esports and gaming to teach STEM and expose the youth to all of the interesting tech careers. We offer courses for vide game design and IT using games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and more!

What Our Workshops Offer

At our workshops we build character and life skills by offering:

Triangle Esports Academy Operates by these core values:

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Our Program’s Benefits

Within our program, we build and encourage:



Critical Thinking


Personal Growth


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Triangle Esports Academy Educational Center for Kids on Computers

Triangle eSports Academy

Benefits of Esports

Did you know an esports team can empower students? It’s true. Not only can young people hone valuable STEM skills, including math and reading, they can turn their love of gaming into a career! The popularity of esports is growing exponentially, and for good reason.

Research shows that involvement in extracurricular activities can help students succeed and if esports is the chosen path, the benefits are many: teamwork, social skills, strategic thinking, time management, good sportsmanship and more. Along with fostering STEM learning, esports is a win-win!

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Minecraft Workshop

At Resource Room Learning Center in Holly Springs

Participants may sign up for one or multiple days

Triangle Esports Academy Educational Center for Kids Play STEM games