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Why Esports is Necessary for Building the Future Workforce

As I have discussed before, and what we specialize in at Triangle Esports Academy, esports has many educational components. It is time to talk about the school system, STEM, and workforce development.  Here, in Wake County, I appreciate how the school system recognizes workforce development and is implementing classes to help students prepare for the

How to Build a Successful Professional Esports

In my previous blog posts, I talked about the misconceptions about esports and how many esports teams or organizations do not profit, resulting in them folding or merging. Everyone keeps resorting to doing the same thing, thinking throwing more money into the mix will solve the problem. However, I have spoken to many people, that

How the Triangle Can Become an Esports Powerhouse

The Triangle area is famously home to a multitude of sports facilities, amateur sporting events, and colleges which boast excellent athletic programs. However, it is not a major hub for professional sports. This is not because the Triangle is lacking in any way, but rather because Raleigh-Durham was simply not originally designed to host major

How Triangle Esports Supported Our Local School System This Summer

This summer Triangle Esports Academy has been heavily involved with the community and local school system. We have supported various efforts with pop-ups, field trips to our location, and internships.  We continue to execute our mission of “Developing the future workforce through education, and enhancing education in the community.”  Internship Opportunities This summer we hosted

Partnering with Wake County STEM Education

This summer Triangle Esports Academy was given the opportunity to participate in WakeEd Partnerships Summer STEM and Career Immersion programs. The STEM Mission of Triangle Esports Academy As Triangle Esports Academy seeks to promote a STEM focussed mission, we are committed to creating premier for youth in STEM careers. Our goal at the Academy has

From Esports to Edtech Company – Shifting Our Focus to Educational Technology

Since opening Triangle Esports Academy we have made many pivots. The main one being that we transitioned from the competitive side of esports into the education side. I’m proud that we are able to provide innovative STEM education like most youth have yet to experience.  We are proud to announce ourselves as an EdTech company!

About Us

Triangle Esports Academy is dedicated to building character and life skill development through productive video gaming. The entire staff is committed to creating premier youth development experiences in order to create pathways for youth in STEM careers.


Minecraft Workshop

At Resource Room Learning Center in Holly Springs

Participants may sign up for one or multiple days

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