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Partnering with Wake County STEM Education

Partnering with Wake County STEM Education

This summer Triangle Esports Academy was given the opportunity to participate in WakeEd Partnerships Summer STEM and Career Immersion programs.

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The STEM Mission of Triangle Esports Academy

As Triangle Esports Academy seeks to promote a STEM focussed mission, we are committed to creating premier for youth in STEM careers. Our goal at the Academy has always been to extend our esports and education footprint to encompass the entire Triangle. We were more than happy to partner with our local school system and share how esports can be used in STEM education.

Wake County Summer STEM

During the Summer STEM, we shared with teachers from the Wake County Public School System on how esports and gaming can be used for STEM education and development. We were able to show first hand one of our STEM camps where children are given the opportunity to practice their problem-solving skils to tackle science, technology, engineering, and math while in a fun and educational environment.

In the latest STEM camp, we taught our students a Minecraft lesson and focused additional lessons on the specifics of animation, coding, and using Unreal Engine. We believe these important lessons provide the right stepping stones when it comes not only to careers in video game design or simulation, but also helps develop the proper skills to tackle any field they may end up in. 

Wake County Career Immersion

For Career Immersion with the Wake County Public School System, we had the opportunity to speak on entrepreneurship to students as well as hosted an onsite, hands-on career job shadowing. This allowed the students to see what we do on a daily basis and offer the experience of what it’s like working in the EdTech industry

STEM Camps

At our STEM camps and afterschool programs our goal is to continue to innovate and provide outstanding educational, social and positive gaming experiences for the gamers. Learning can and should be fun.

Want to learn more about how esports gaming can be used for stem-based learning? Check out our post on esports education.

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Triangle eSports Academy is dedicated to building character and life skill development through productive video gaming. The entire staff is committed to creating premier youth development experiences in order to create pathways for youth in STEM careers.

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