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Workshops For Non-Profits

Workshops For Non-Profits

At Triangle Esports Academy we offer workshops every week. They have been so successful that we have non-profits contacting us wanting to bring their mentees in for our educational programs. Workshops for nonprofits are organized based on their requests when it comes to the lesson and duration. We have hosted workshops for cub scouts looking to get their gaming badge, large well known organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, and many other local non-profits. We are able to teach skills in esports or educational material such as engineering, PC building, coding, and more. So often video gaming gets a bad reputation as being toxic, anti social, and destroying society. So much joy comes from knowing that we are changing people’s thoughts of video gaming and are using it for good to help others succeed in life. If you run a nonprofit or are looking to get involved with us in any way please send me a message at

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Triangle eSports Academy is dedicated to building character and life skill development through productive video gaming. The entire staff is committed to creating premier youth development experiences in order to create pathways for youth in STEM careers.

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