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Offered every week of the year
8am - 3:30pm

At Triangle Esports Academy, we’re proud to offer STEM camps that serve as fun activities while your child is out of school. 

We aim to blend scientific inquiry and technological design processes through project-based learning which focuses on developing ideas that involve critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning, communication, self directing, and most importantly having students explore their creativity skills. We strive to have the camp give students an opportunity to explore an idea in different contexts and connect their learning across disciplines.

For example, Minecraft has a plethora of features where students can experiment with levers, switches, and electrical circuits aka, redstone. Students will be able to create farming systems or harness energy to create water cycles and renewable energy. Minecraft also enables a space for students to visualize and investigate different situations where they can create solutions which helps them to develop critical and spatial thinking.

Finally we hope to teach students by providing opportunities for students to work together, give them time to talk about their ideas and projects, and give them space to express their ideas.

During the camp our goal is to promote a balance between screen time and physical activity. To accomplish this we take them outside in the Waverly Courtyard for physical activity as long as the weather permits.


What Our Camps Offer

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What Your Child will Need:

You are allowed to have food delivered to them. Each day they have the option to get lunch from somewhere in Waverly. Schedule is as follows:

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Daily Schedule

Our Program’s Benefits

Within our program, we build and encourage:



Critical Thinking


Personal Growth


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